Before Tet is the sprint period for women to upgrade from hair style, body shape to fashion style. And of course, skin is also an important category that needs to be “slapped” urgently. At this time, choosing the right skincare product is extremely urgent, because if the “socks” are wrong, it is easy for women to make bad skin unrecoverable before the new year. Specifically, here are 4 products that should not be used before Tet, you need to identify to stay away, otherwise, you may get “stained” bad skin all year.

1. High concentration retinol product

Retinol is a powerful product in terms of skin improvement, anti-aging. This ingredient helps promote skin regeneration, stimulates collagen production, so it can solve many difficult problems such as: dark spots, wrinkles, sagging skin, and even acne. However, retinol is an ingredient that is not easy to use, because it causes many side effects such as: peeling skin, redness, acne … for those who have just tried it. Therefore, applying retinol before Tet is very risky, your skin will not have enough time to get used to this ingredient, easily irritated. In short, if you want to improve your skin with retinol, you should try this product after Tet.

2. Granular Exfoliation

The refreshing feeling when the skin is “rubbed” by the scrub particles makes many women love to use physical exfoliation. However, this product is quite harmful to the skin, and is put on the “black list” by many doctors. Scrub particles, no matter how small, can cause thin scratches on the skin, creating conditions for bacteria to enter, causing skin dryness, irritation or acne. So, if you use this product before Tet, your skin may not be better, but also worse and weaker. The ideal way to  exfoliate  before Tet is to use a gentle product, such as a toner containing AHA/BHA, or a “disgusting” gel that is also very reasonable.

3. Peel off mask

Before Tet, many girls will look for quick and “heavy” beauty methods, in the hope of “a quick bite” of smooth, beautiful, bright skin. However, be careful with these products, and peel off masks are one of them. Peel-off masks can help remove dirt, sebum, but also beneficial skin cells, and fluff, making the skin weak, easily irritated, and red. Therefore, peel off masks are also products that you should not “fool” try before Tet. The better option is a clay mask. This product helps to purify and unclog pores but is gentler on the skin.

4. “Heavy” facial cleanser

In the minds of many women, facial cleansers that bring a feeling of cleanness and tightness are really good for the skin; however in reality it is not. Too heavy a cleanser will wash away natural oils, affecting the protective barrier, making the skin drier, and sensitive, prone to acne. Before Tet, you should switch from a strong cleanser to a gentle product, so your skin will be healthy, beautiful, and soft.

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