The wave of Korean-style beauty care has flooded into Vietnam in the past few years. The latest product that makes young people in big cities like Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang… hunt is biological masks.

Produced with Korean technology right in Vietnam, young people can take care of their skin according to fast, nutritious and cheap criteria every day. There are many reasons to fall in love with this state-of-the-art, cutting-edge mask.

1. Skin needs to be moisturized and cared for every day

No matter what type of skin you have, you need to take care of and moisturize your skin every day. With the researched essences suitable for all skin types, the thin and light texture and the ability to penetrate biological masks are plus points that make young people unable to stop hunting and liking.

The biological mask (biocell) is a special film that enhances and optimizes the absorption of nutrients, increasing the effectiveness of skin care many times over, thanks to the process of culturing microorganisms with a unique structure. gel-like structure that forms a cellulose membrane.

Mặt nạ sinh học MiungLab gây sốt khi vừa mới ra mắt

2. Superior texture, more effective skin care

Compared with paper masks or homemade, biological masks have outstanding advantages. Thanks to the natural bio-nanostructure, the nutrients in the bio-mask are retained at least 20 and about 10 times more than conventional mask materials. The active ingredients applied on the skin have been researched according to their features, have a specific formula to nourish deeply and better than “homegrown” masks, for example, the MiungLab biological mask is fermented with fresh Vietnamese coconut water. Men, so when applied to the face, it is tight and thin, hugging the skin of the face, helping the skin to absorb nutrients more effectively and efficiently through the micro-diameter of biocell fibers.

3. Quick first aid for the skin

In today’s polluted, dusty environment, every time I step outside, my skin feels alarmed and needs immediate emergency care. Bio-mask is a convenient and quick method, you can lie down and relax, enjoy each layer of cool, nourished skin and rest assured that your skin will be completely regenerated after only 20-30 minutes. These experiences don’t need to go to the spa, but can be done at the office after lunch or in your own home every night when you come home from work.

4. Reasonable price, many options

With outstanding quality and use, the cost of biological masks is very reasonable compared to facial services at the spa, especially when you need to use a daily skin care routine. MiungLab mask has 2 product lines, Moisturizing (Deep water supply for the skin) and Anti-Aging (Anti-aging) for the repair of damaged skin and collagen regeneration, both extracted from fresh coconut, suitable for the skin. Asia.

5. Eye-catching, compact, handy packaging design

Thanks to the eye-catching, compact design that can be put in a travel suitcase, carry-on bag, biological masks can be used anytime, anywhere. You can buy according to the course of 7 days to (1 month) to measure the unit of use, the effect on the skin.


Source: Báo Thanh Niên

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