Healthy skin care has been quite trend in recent years. Let’s with LányBeau discover more about Niacinamide. What are the benefits of Niacinamide in terms of beauty and skin care?

1. What is Niacinamide, and how does it work?

This is an acidic form of vitamin B3 that can be found in various skin care products, as well as some meals and multivitamin supplements.

Niacinamide is a water-soluble vitamin that helps to tighten pores, improve uneven skin tone, minimize discoloration, and enhance skin’s resistance.

Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3 – Source: S.T

2. Miracle uses of Niacinamide in beauty

Creating a skin barrier

Niacinamide can improve skin barrier function, which can help with disorders including rosacea and acne, according to a review published in the journal Experimental Dermatology in February 2019.


Niacinamide also improves and prevents darkening without causing irritation, making it an appropriate topical solution for skin tone restoration and evenness. It also heals cells deep beneath the epidermis, fixes damaged DNA, and lowers the immunosuppressive effects of the sun’s UV radiation.

Niacinamide has the effect of whitening skin – Source: S.T

Regulating sebum

Niacinamide should be coupled with products that contain one of the following chemicals: tranexamic acid, phenylethyl resorcinol, tetrapeptide-30, phytic acid, or a skin-strengthening mix of these ingredients to maximize its whitening effects. Excerpts from the sea
The exact concentration and current skin state of each person, however, play a role in whitening.

Niacinamide has a unique ability to regulate oil and sebum glands, reducing pore blockage. Oil secretion can also occur when the skin is not properly moisturized, causing the skin to secrete oil to compensate. The drier the skin is, the more oil it secretes. You will notice this immediately after using Niacinamide to care for your skin.

Support acne treatment

Niacinamide is considered an effective anti-inflammatory agent in the treatment of acne, reducing red, swollen acne to avoid inflammation.

To see the obvious effect of Niacinamide in the treatment of acne, you need more time to follow up. But one thing is for sure, you will be surprised at the effect it brings: The acne is reduced, the inflammatory acne spots disappear completely and the skin looks much brighter and healthier.

Improve skin moisture

One of the main causes of dry or dehydrated skin is a weakened skin barrier that does not effectively lock in moisture. Niacinamide may help improve the skin’s barrier by stimulating the synthesis of ceramides in the skin. Ceramides are important components of the skin and help maintain strong bonds between cells helping to strengthen the natural skin barrier. Therefore, the role of Niacinamide can be mentioned as improving the ability of the skin to retain moisture. When the skin’s moisture content is improved, it will create favorable conditions for the nutrients to maximize their effects. Especially when the skin is sufficiently moist, the amount of oil is significantly reduced.

Stimulate protein synthesis, effective anti-aging.

The condition of sagging skin, poor cell firmness is mainly due to a decrease in collagen production, which needs to be improved with additional nutrients from the outside. This is where Niacinamide proves to be able to boost collagen production. You will easily see when wrinkles are improved, your skin appears firmer after a period of use.

The state of aging on the skin – Source: S.T

Niacinamide also builds cells in the skin, protecting them from environmental stressors, such as the sun, pollution, and toxins.

The concentration of Niacinamide recommended by dermatologists and pharmacists in cosmetic products is usually in the range of 2 -10 %. However, not all skin is suitable for use, because this substance also causes some side effects. You should test on an area before applying on the face to check the compatibility to avoid irritation and harm to the skin.

Niacinamide test on hand to check skin compatibility – Source: S.T

Hopefully the above article will help you have the best view of the use of Niacinamide in beauty. From there, consider and choose products that are suitable for your skin, nourish your skin to be strong, confident, and dynamic to shine.

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