On summer days in Vietnam, the skin is easily burned and damaged. Summer skin is extremely sensitive, making skin care quite tough. Here are seven of the most typical summer skin care blunders made by everyone.

1. Take no precautions to protect yourself from the sun

Sun protection is crucial in protecting the skin from the sun’s direct agents: UV, ultraviolet, ultraviolet…

The most commonly applied traditional method is to use protective items such as: sunglasses, jackets, sunscreen skirts, masks…


chăm sóc da vào mùa hè
Many people often skip the shielding step on summer days – Source: S.T

Furthermore, using a sunscreen with an SPF of 30+ on a regular basis will double the efficiency of sun protection; you should choose a product that is appropriate for your skin condition.

Because sunscreen only lasts around 4-5 hours on the skin’s surface, it must be applied 1-2 times per day to ensure that the skin is evenly covered.

Limit your time in the sun: Only expose oneself to the sun for 60 minutes at a time; the best times are 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.

2. Skip the face mask step

The skin needs to rest and recover after a long day of contact to dust, dust, and computers. Need to be based on your current skin condition to choose the best mask. Do not overdo it, only use a skin mask with a reasonable frequency.

In the summer, skin is prone to dryness and darkening, so choose a mask that hydrates and increases the skin’s resistance.

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3. Makeup is excessively thick

Summer is a time for go out and travel, and every one frequently use heavy makeup to ensure that their cosmetics last longer.

However, hot weather causes the body to sweat a lot, which can produce problems with the cosmetic layer, such as drifting, sticking, and clumping.

Should first moisturize with a mask or lotion to ensure that the cosmetics layer lasts and does not become moldy.

chăm sóc da mùa hè
Makeup is too thick on summer days – Source: S.T

4. Leave the cleaning to the professionals.

Cleansing is considered a fundamental stage in the skin care process. It helps to protect the skin and prevents inflammation, acne, and toxicity. The skin, like the rest of the body, need cleansing and relaxation.

Smog will be produced more in the summer, so even at home, you should clean it completely.

5. Using too many acid-based treatment products in the summer

Because days are typically weak and sensitive, it is not advisable to use acid-based treatment products at this period because skin damage is easily caused.

Treatment that removes dead skin in order to regenerate fresh, beautiful, but easily irritated skin. Bacteria thrive in hot summer days where there is a lot of dust. Using too many treatments in the summer does not make the skin beautiful; instead, it loses its protective barrier, resulting in acne, irritation, and toxicity.

6. Not drinking enough water

Drinking enough 2 liters daily is an important factor not only in beauty but also for human health. During the summer days dehydration is very easy to happen this is easily seen when the body sweats a lot.

To fix this, you can set a time to drink water or carry a water bottle with you.

Nên uống đủ nước vào ngày hè
Should drink enough water on summer days – Source: S.T

7. Exfoliate too many dead cells.

Exfoliation is the removal of old, keratinized cells and the regeneration of fresh skin. Because the newly produced cell layer is thin and weak, it is simple to injure the skin in hot temperatures, such as on a summer day.

Sincere advice: exfoliate at night to give your skin more time to recuperate, because your skin is easily affected by sunlight throughout the day, producing darkening and damage.

Only exfoliate 1 to 2 times a week. Especially with injured orchids, there are many types of inflammation, redness, it is necessary to choose chemical exfoliants to avoid direct friction on the skin.

Above are the shares of LÁNYBEAU about the difficult problems often encountered in the summer skin care process, which hopefully will help you in the process of skin care.

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