LÁNYBEAU entered the cosmetics industry in 2018 with the MiungLab biocell mask product – manufactured according to Korean technology in Vietnam, which has been well received and distributed nationwide by the market.

09/2020, LÁNYBEAU officially launched the M-LAB derma bamboo mask to more widely meet the diverse skin care needs with an easy-to-buy price for regular use for the majority of customers. LÁNYBEAU products are derived from nature, distilling the quintessence of the land of kimchi, adding new essences to become suitable for the skin and climate in Vietnam.

  • Vision: To become a Vietnamese cosmetic brand with international standards
  • Mission: Realizing the dream of a beautiful healthy skin and relaxed spirit of millions of people.
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MiungLab is a quintessential mask product from LányBeau. Similar to the word “Mi” (meaning “beauty” in Korean) placed in the first place in the name, MiungLab chooses to perfect beauty for users as its most important mission. To carry out that mission, the team of LányBeau has researched and developed a mask made from 100% fresh fermented coconut and using Biocell technology – a modern natural biological nanostructure.

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M-LAB Derma Bamboo MaskM-LAB is a bamboo fiber mask line with carefully researched natural ingredients based on the needs of women with 3 main functions: Restoring & Moisturizing, Whitening & Evening Skin, Oil Control & Acne Prevention.. M-LAB is Vegan Certified M-LAB is certified vegan by Korea Agency of Vegan Certification and Services Inc (KAVCS).

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HNB COSMETICS JSC – a skin care cosmetics manufacturing company with 100% investment capital from Korea, following Korean technology production lines, achieved ISO9001: 2015 quality certification.

Address: Lot R-1C, Tan Tap – Long Hau Street, Long Hau Industrial Park Extension, Hamlet 3, Long Hau Commune, Can Giuoc District, Long An Province, Vietnam.

Website: https://hnbcosmetics.com/

In Korea: HNB Company in Korea separates commercial activities and production activities, so HNB was established under two names with different nature of operations.


Address: 140, Beolmal-ro, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

Is an office operating mainly in foreign trade and business activities.


Address: 31-32, Yongsu-Gil, Chowol-Eup, Gwangju-Si, Gyeonggi-Do, 12733, Republic of Korea

Website: www.hnbbio.co.kr

Factory certified and ISO 22716

– HNB was voted by US magazine as one of the best bio-cellulose mask manufacturers in the world along with LanCome, DHC, etc.