Dark, dry, uneven skin is a common obsession among females. Her skin issues will be resolved, and she will have more even, whiter skin thanks to the “super ingredient” Melazero’s twofold whitening effect.

What is “super substance” Melazero?

Melazero is a third generation plant-based and patented bleaching chemical with the scientific name Arisaema Amurense Extract.

Melazero has a dual mechanism that allows it to both remove existing melanin from beneath the skin and prevent the creation of new melanocytes, unlike traditional whitening treatments that can just stop the manufacture of melanin.

The phagocytosis mechanism is the autophagy mechanism. Because the cell “eats” its own components during autophagy, the cell and its organelles will deteriorate.

In the late stages of melanogenesis, melazero undergoes autophagy, which has a considerably quicker effect than -arbutin at the same consumption rate.

hoạt động melazero

“Siêu chất” Melazero

Melanin inhibition: By preventing the synthesis of TRP1, an essential component in the creation of melanin, melanin production on the skin is reduced.

Melazero, a “super substance,” is the ideal way to suppress the production of melanin without irritating skin cells or accumulating toxins.

Double the whitening effect thanks to the “super substance” Melazero

Active component A natural bleaching agent that doesn’t irritate the skin is called Melazero. It is best to use a concentration of 1% to 2%.

Alpha Arbutin’s whitening impact is 2X worse than that of Melazero. Melazero works in just two weeks as opposed to the four weeks it takes other whitening agents to perform the same thing.

melazero dưỡng trắng

Melazero – Hiệu quả dưỡng trắng X2

Melazero is regarded as a new generation whitening active component. It is harmless and benign for the skin, but it produces results that far outperform those of inferior treatments.

MiungLab Premium biological mask – The first Vietnamese brand to apply the active ingredient Melazero

“Super substance” Although Melazero is incredibly successful at whitening the skin, it hasn’t been used much in the Vietnamese market. For the MiungLab Premium Biological Mask product line, LanyBeau has investigated and created the following active ingredient:

  • MiungLab Premium Hydrating & whitening
  • MiungLab Premium Anti-Aging & whitening

With MiungLab Premium, skin becomes lighter after two weeks and has visibly less wrinkles after eight weeks of use.

mặt nạ sinh học

Mặt nạ sinh học MiungLab Premium

A 100% natural biological mask line is MiungLab Premium. Alcohol, paraben, and fragrance free; appropriate for even the most delicate skin types.

Visit LÁNYBEAU’s store to learn more about the product.

The aforementioned information should have given you a better understanding of the “super ingredient” Melazero’s double whitening impact. Best of luck to you as you continue to take good care of and nourish your skin.

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