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LányBeau launched into the market with the mission to bring the most quintessential beauty products derived from nature.

Starting from biological masks with 100% fresh fermented coconut ingredients and modern Biocell technology, we are constantly researching the essence of plants to bring new effective product lines for women.

A healthy skin and a relaxed spirit are the dream of millions of women, and realizing that dream is The Ambition of LányBeau.

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Professional Skin-Care

Each product of LányBeau is the brainchild that is cherished and carefully researched and tested before being released to the market.

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Moisturizing & Brightening

MiungLab Premium Hydrating & Whitening biocell mask sheet helps to intensively moisturize, outstanding whitening.

Anti-Aging & Brightening

MiungLab Premium Anti Aging & Whitening biocell mask sheet helps prevent strong aging, outstanding whitening.

Intensive moisturizing and revitalizing

M-LAB Water Restore Derma Bamboo mask restores and maintains moisture, leaving skin soft and smooth.

Whitening and Even skin tone

M-LAB Glow Boost Derma Bamboo Mask brightens, satin-soft, and improve uneven skin tone.

Oil Control and Acne Prevention

M-LAB Anti Acne & Oil Control Derma Bamboo mask control sebum, avoid clogging pores, prevent acne.

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    LányBeau’s products are trusted by millions of Vietnamese women across the country.

    MiungLab and M-LAB have become familiar and indispensable skin care steps for women.

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    Nature is an inspiration and a wonderful material

    We bring the quintessence of nature combined with modern technology from world powers to create the most quintessential active ingredients, quality and minimalist products for Vietnamese people.