About M-LAB

M-LAB Derma Bamboo MaskM-LAB is a bamboo fiber mask line with carefully researched natural ingredients based on the needs of women with 3 main functions: Restoring & Moisturizing, Whitening & Evening Skin, Oil Control & Acne Prevention.. M-LAB is Vegan Certified M-LAB is certified vegan by Korea Agency of Vegan Certification and Services Inc (KAVCS).

Vegan certification is a brand’s commitment not to use ingredients of animal origin, not to test on animals in the development and production of products. Using a vegan mask not only helps to care for and nourish the user’s skin; but also a way to contribute to minimizing the impact on animals and protecting the environment by using environmentally friendly materials. Vegan certification helps users realize that the formula for producing nutrients in the M-LAB DERMA BAMBOO MASK mask is completely plant-based – a source of ingredients known to contain many vitamins, anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants. … has both therapeutic properties and helps to nourish the skin.

Advantages of bamboo fiber material when put into the cosmetic industry

In addition to the nutrient formula used for the mask, the embryo material used for that type of mask is also a factor that plays a role in optimizing the mask’s skin care effect.Mask of Tencel material – a mask made entirely from plant fibers is becoming a trend of the world in recent years, because of the following advantages:

1/ Absorbency of the mask sheet

2/ Adhesion of the mask on the skin

3/ Feeling soft and comfortable when using the mask

4/ Material is good for the skin

5 / The beauty when using the transparency of the mask.

From there, it can be seen that the bamboo fiber mask material – the material of M-Lab products is superior to ordinary paper masks through the comparison of some of the above characteristics. Through chemical processing, the cellulose molecular structure of the bamboo fiber mask is modified to increase its ability to absorb more water than the simple cellulose structure of ordinary paper masks. Thereby, the Bamboo Fiber Mask can absorb an abundant amount of nutrients sufficient to supply the skin (absorbs 15 times its own weight). Meanwhile, ordinary sheet masks have less absorption capacity, so they will dry quickly and the amount of nutrients provided to the skin is also less.

Besides, the bamboo fiber mask is very soft and tight on the skin, promoting nutrients to be in good contact with the skin surface and providing nutrients to the skin more effectively, without causing discomfort. like ordinary paper masks, giving users a feeling of comfort and relaxation when using.

The spillage of nutrients when used is also an annoying problem in ordinary paper mask materials, the bamboo fiber material of the M-LAB mask also helps to solve this situation, providing a comfortable experience. more comfortable when wearing a mask. In addition, the transparency is also an attraction of the bamboo fiber mask sheet, giving users the enjoyment of smooth, transparent, and smooth skin while using the mask. Using nutrient fermentation technology by using probiotics to supplement the fermentation of extracts for 7-10 days, it helps to create better extracted nutrients. Because through that process, biologically active bacteria break down the size of nutrient molecules, creating smaller molecules that promote better penetration into the skin, and at the same time beneficial bacteria Probiotics also help to remove or modify toxic components inherent in the starting material, reducing the potential for irritation.

When using M-LAB, consumers will clearly feel the gentleness of non-allergy after use, reducing the worry “is this mask suitable for my skin”. Therefore, compared with conventional extracts, fermented natural extracts are upgraded with better quality through a longer and more costly production process. At the end of the fermentation process of nutrients from 7-10 days, according to the regulations of the cosmetic industry, all the nutrients of M-LAB are sterilized before being closed, leaving the nutritional product as a result of the process. Fermentation: Smaller molecule, more efficient, greatly reduces the harmful ingredients for human skin. Since then, the nutrients have been completely packed into quality packaging, definitely with the bamboo fiber mask sheet that has upgraded the cellulose molecule to absorb cool, soft, and gentle.

All aim to create a real M-Lab Derma Bamboo Mask with high quality, obvious effect, good experience and users enjoy their valuable Me-Time. The purpose of applying a mask is to immediately moisturize the skin and add the necessary amount of water. Therefore, to meet this basic and primary mission, all 3 mask lines of M-LAB use the essence base of GREEN TEA extract – Fermented Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic Acid (HA), providing water and Balance skin moisture, keep skin soft and supple. At the same time, Niaciamide is intended to stimulate the production of natural Ceramides, helping to brighten the skin and improve the protective barrier for healthy skin.