Limiting going out not only helps you avoid urban pollution, harmful rays of radiation, but also gives you more time to solve 3 big problems that most of us are facing. , especially modern women.

In early 2021, the epidemic tends to be complicated, limiting going out and contacting becomes an urgent requirement, especially in important times. So, instead of complaining, being tired, women can completely turn this into an opportunity to take care of smoother skin and solve remaining problems.

Dry skin, lack of luster, elasticity

Dry, cracked skin, lack of moisture, so it is not stretchy and elastic is one of the problems that causes many women to have a “headache”. To improve this situation, a reasonable skincare routine is extremely necessary.

The indispensable steps are deep cleaning with makeup remover and neutral pH cleanser, suitable for dry skin; Use makeup remover capable of moisturizing and exfoliating so that the skin is completely clean, easily absorbed nutrients at the step of locking moisture.

Equally important are the nourishing and therapeutic cosmetics such as serums, eye creams, lip scrubs… In particular, one of the essential items to quickly moisturize the skin and at the same time bring a sense of relaxation is mask paper. Masking is a way that Japanese and Korean beauty believers do not ignore when it comes to skincare and often use it 2-3 times a week to keep the skin smooth and moist.

On the market, there are many types of moisturizing masks, but recently the favorite of beauty believers with dry skin problems is M-LAB DERMA BAMBOO MASK Water Restore.

Item helps to hydrate and moisturize the skin with elasticity, natural glow thanks to the nutrients, natural ingredients such as: seaweed, artichoke flower buds provide whitening vitamins, reduce dryness, increase elasticity …

Sensitive, vulnerable skin

For sensitive and vulnerable skin, skincare needs to be even more careful with all the steps in the process. You should prioritize choosing products specifically like alcohol-free toners, fragrance-free lotions and don’t forget sunscreen. Skincare for sensitive skin, you should still use a mask, but you need to choose products that help control sebum and support acne.

The ideal recommendation is the M-LAB DERMA BAMBOO MASK Anti Acne & Oil Control line (yellow packaging) with white willow bark extract and moisturizing green tea to soften the skin, centella asiatica, kumquatella, palm fruit to reduce skin damage. skin, anti-oxidant; Lettuce, provides vitamin e, cleans the skin, tightens pores and flowers epilobium fleischeri, aloe vera, sesame oil, argan oil… helps to brighten and smooth the skin, helping to reduce damage.

Dull skin, loss of smooth, youthful luminosity

Uneven skin tone, dullness, dullness or redness is also one of the headaches of modern women when they are often exposed to polluted environments, hot sun, dust, and radiation from computers. …

The advice is to choose a serum that contains vitamin C – proven to lighten the skin and never forget sunscreen. In the skincare process, besides the basic steps, women with uneven skin tone cannot skip the mask step, with lines dedicated to brightening and revitalizing the skin.

M-LAB DERMA BAMBOO MASK Glow Boost mask is a choice that many beauty enthusiasts appreciate, with ingredients of burdock flower, vitamin E to prevent aging, brighten skin, and chlorophyll to moisturize and soften. , smooth skin and anti-oxidant fresh turmeric rice bran, for bright white skin, even skin tone.

Thus, you can see that in all 3 procedures, we cannot underestimate the masking step! This stage not only relaxes, chills but also supports the process of solving problems in skincare.


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