One of the most popular skin care secrets today is to use skin mask for face. There’s no need to waste time on beautification processes when one mask, full with essences, may rapidly save the skin.

Should you wear a mask on a regular basis with such a miracle effect? 

Let’s listen a Dermatologist with LÁNYBEAU to have the best view on how to take care of your skin with a mask.

There are numerous varieties of masks available on the Vietnamese market, each with its own set of chemicals and applications. Users should think about and choose the proper product for their skin based on the purpose of use.

The following are some of the advantages of use skin mask for face:

Moisturizing: Moisturizing elements are found in most masks, rehydrate, smooth, and minimize flaking.

Acne treatment: Some masks include nutrients like niacinamide, green tea, and BHA, which can help with acne therapy.

Cleaning: Using a mask to help remove dirt from the skin’s surface and ventilate pores. Remove the rough horny layer on the surface at the same time. Encourages the growth of new skin cells.

Relaxation: The mask aids in the recovery of the skin after a long, exhausting, and stressful day at work.

Đắp mặt nạ để thư giãn
After a long day at work, use a skin mask for face to relax the body – Source: S.T

The mask is an important part of the skin care routine, however it should not be applied too frequently for the following reasons:

+ The amount of nutrients in the mask is usually substantial, as it contains a variety of components various ingredients. Regular use will cause the skin to become overloaded in terms of absorption, resulting in skin irritation.

+ The skin’s natural oils will be removed, causing the skin to produce more oil.

+ Excessive application lowers epidermal resistance.

+ Regular application of masks containing glycolic acid components is not suggested for aging skin because it promotes skin damage.

+ Choose a skin mask for face with gentle ingredients for acne-prone skin that should not be left on for too long.

+ Do not apply too many layers of the mask; the mask is excessively thick and will prevent the skin from absorbing nutrients, resulting in clogged pores and oil dripping.

The following notes should be consulted in order to maximize the mask’s efficacy:

+ Many people feel that the longer the mask is, the better it is, which is incorrect: 15-20 minutes is the ideal period for facial skin to absorb the most nutrients.

Mặt nạ dưỡng da mặt
Apply a mask to your face – Source: S.T

+ Only use your face once or twice a week.

+ Wash and clean your face completely before using the mask, and make sure your hands are clean when applying the mask.

skin mask for face
Wash your face thoroughly before applying a face mask – Source: S.T

+ Massage and pat the mask to allow nutrients to absorb deeply. 

+ After using the mask, hydrate your skin to seal in the moisture.

To avoid wasting money, choose masks with provenance and reputable brands; the skin is not attractive, but rather harmed and poisoned.

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