Because there is less collagen, as we age, the skin sags and loses its firmness. Ginseng-coated Platinum Essence has the power to get rid of free radicals that age you and stop the aging process on your skin, but traditional anti-aging products can only help you delay the chance of aging. Discover with LányBeau why Platinum Essence coated with Ginseng is regarded as the key to reviving aging skin!

What is Platinum Essence with Ginseng Coating?

Platinum Gingsenoise Complex is the official name of the ginseng-coated Platinum Essence. It is a very potent component that slows down the natural aging process.

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Platinum Gingsenoise Complex

Market-available platinum compounds are surrounded by silicon, which lessens the antioxidant activity. To solve this issue, the LányBeau team used nanotechnology to reduce the size of the Platinum active ingredient (Platinum) so that it will have the best impact when it comes into contact with the skin.

Ionic active substances, however, cannot be used topically due to their extremely high toxicity risk. In order to achieve molecular form, stable structure, safety, and a greater antioxidant action, platinum ion has been researched to bond with the active substance Ginsenoside (ginseng extract).

The action’s mechanism Platinum essence with ginseng coating

The key to rejuvenating aging skin

Ginseng-coated Platinum Essence has a stronger antioxidant capacity if you already know that Vitamin C is a good antioxidant for the skin and increases the synthesis of collagen protein for damaged skin. Greater than Coenzyme Q10 and ginseng, it is 6.6 times more potent than vitamin C of the third generation. This is regarded as the key to rejuvenating aging skin.

The LanyBeau team investigated and used the amazing applications of Ginseng-coated Platinum Essence into the MiungLab Premium Biological Mask -Aging & – Powerful anti-aging & Outstanding whitening.

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Mặt nạ sinh học MiungLab Premium Anti-Aging & Whitening

Each person has a unique skin condition, therefore the aging process can occur in a different way and at a different pace depending on where they are in the world. You can fully slow down the aging process by taking good care of your skin early in life. For girls with aging skin, the Ginseng-coated Platinum Essence in MiungLab Premium Anti-Aging & Whitening is the key.

The information in the aforementioned article should have given you a better understanding of Ginseng-coated Platinum Essence – The key to rejuvenating aging skin. Wishing her continued success as she works to hydrate and care for her skin!

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