The temperature grows hotter than ever in the summer, the humidity in the air rises quickly, and the sebaceous glands on the skin become active and create more oil. The more oil secreted, the easier it is to plug pores, which is the primary cause of acne. The skin’s direct exposure to UV rays, or ultraviolet radiation from the sun, is unavoidable. Furthermore, the amount of melanin generated will rise, resulting in dark, tanned skin. Itchy skin, papules, sunburn, and a rash caused by sun sensitivity are all possible side effects.

External elements have an unavoidable impact on the skin during summer days, which can only be mitigated with sun protection products like sunscreen, but cannot be fully eliminated. To address these issues, you’ll need scientific ways for restoring and replenishing your skin’s strength.

Here are some quick suggestions to instantly restore skin on hot summer days, as LányBeau would say.

Moisturizing the skin

Because skin is prone to drying during the summer, moisturizing is a crucial step in hydrating and moisturizing the skin. After a hard day of work, exposure to dust, and the application of moisturizer at night, the skin is repaired and nourished, resulting in fresher, healthier skin.
Choose creams with moderate components that are as thin as gels for quick absorption by the skin and to avoid blocking pores on hot summer days.

kem dưỡng ẩm
Use moisturizer to instantly restore skin after a long tiring day of work – Source: S.T

Use mask to instantly restore skin

One of the simplest ways to achieve healthy, supple skin in minutes is to use a mask. They’re made to suit a wide range of skin types and ages, with a variety of options and attractive characteristics.
A mask is usually applied to the face for a brief period of time. It only takes a few seconds to use, and then all you have to do is wait 15 to 20 minutes for the nutrients to sink into your skin. After each application, you’ll be shocked at how effective the mask is. The skin is hydrated, supple, and smooth. Other results, including acne therapy and anti-aging, will take longer to detect.

You have plenty of time to relax, watch movies, read books, or play games while wearing a mask. This will assist you in reducing stress and improving your mental health.

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skin care mask benefits
Apply a skin care mask – Source: S.T

Facial mist spray

Facial mist spray not only replenishes water but also provides important vitamins and minerals, restoring and nourishing the skin right away. They also help to regulate the pH of your skin after you’ve used a face cleanser.
Mineral sprays can save lives because of the quick effect they have when the skin appears dry or dehydrated.

When the skin is provided with a certain moisture, the amount of oil will be reduced, limiting the problems of clogging pores and acne. Especially using mineral spray also helps your makeup layer to be smoother, more beautiful and more durable, avoiding mold or dryness.

phục hồi làn da tức thì
Facial mist spray to instantly save skin – Source: S.T

Wash your face to remove excess oil

The skin can produce more oil in the summer. To deep clean and eliminate all filth, choose a cleanser that is appropriate for your skin type. A non-foaming cleanser is recommended for those with dry skin. Choose cleansers that are gentle, alcohol-free, and pH-balanced.
Washing your face will help you remove the layer of filth and return your skin to its natural state of beauty and cleanliness, making it simpler for other skin care products to absorb.

skin mask for face
Wash your face to remove dirt to help restore the original skin state – Source: S.T

Use serums containing restorative nutrients

phân biệt cấp ẩm và dưỡng ẩm
Using serums with skin-restoring ingredients – Source: S.T

Because the serum’s nutrients are in the form of concentrated essence, they will have a better effect, penetrating deeper into the skin and assisting in the speedy nourishment and restoration of the skin.
There are many different types of restorative serums on the market right now, with a wide range of pricing and patterns. Consider your options based on your skin’s composition and present state.

Products used mainly in skin repair often contain ingredients such as vitamin B5, vitamin B3, Hyaluronic Acid, Amino Acid,…

In order to maintain healthy skin during the summer, apply sunscreen 2-3 times a day to protect your skin from damaging UV rays. At the same time, a good skin care routine is required, with products that are appropriate for the current skin condition.

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