The “true love” of skincare enthusiasts is the sheet masks soaked in essence, giving the skin a feeling of being hugged and cherished.

Skincare enthusiasts are often divided into two schools: Either “pour” money into expensive serum bottles, or “worship” paper masks. While serums are concentrated essences, sheet masks are more liquid serums that are absorbed into a sheet of mask. Because of this similarity, people often consider paper masks and serums to be two rivals in the skincare “arena”.


In fact, sheet masks and serums are both effective assistants of women on their beauty journey, and each product type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your skin condition, skin type and needs, a sheet mask or serum will become more suitable. Let’s take a look at some of the unique strengths in the use and usage of these two products to be able to choose “true love” for your skin.

Mask Sheet

Paper masks are divided into many different uses such as moisturizing, acne treatment or skin lightening … depending on the main ingredients in the essence of that mask. However, the most common effect and also the most outstanding advantage of the paper mask that makes people love it is its ability to instantly moisturize, add nutrients to help revive the skin quickly, bring a stretchy look. glossy, radiant face.

This particular strength comes from the features in the structure of the sheet mask. Regarding the nutrient solution in the product, this is a serum in a lighter, more liquid form. Therefore, the ability to penetrate and absorb into the skin is also faster and easy to notice the effects immediately after use.

In addition, this product also has another special ingredient that is a paper mask designed according to the shape of the face. This mask is mainly made of paper and cotton and then soaked in serum. So when applied, a sheet mask will help the skin to always be “hushed” by a thick layer of essence for a long time instead of just patting the skin with nutrients for a few minutes like when using other cosmetics.

Another advantage of a paper mask is that it brings a feeling of relaxation and comfort when used. On hot days or when the skin is tired, nothing is more relaxing than applying a cool sheet mask soaked in essence, giving the skin the feeling of being hugged and cherished.

If serum is a common dish used every day, a sheet mask is a meal with many nutrients. So in order not to have excess nutrients and lead to acne problems, you should only use it once every 2-3 days. If you have dry skin, you can flexibly increase the frequency of use to suit.


Similar to paper masks, serums are also divided into many different groups of uses such as moisturizing, skin lightening, acne treatment, anti-aging… However, the strength of the serum is that it has higher therapeutic properties thanks to its special properties. Nutrient ingredients are concentrated and active ingredients in high concentration. Therefore, compared to serums, sheet masks, in addition to providing immediate and obvious moisture, the effect of overcoming other skin problems will require more time.

For girls who are busy and rarely have time to relax, serum will be a more convenient choice in skin care. With the ability to absorb quickly, the step of using the serum will only take you a few minutes to apply and pat evenly into the skin.

As mentioned, serum is like a regular meal, so you must not “starve” your skin but need to use it every day to be effective. Instead of using it every other day like a sheet mask, the serum will work faster when you use it in your morning and evening skin care routine.

With their own strengths, serums or sheet masks are essential in the skin care and beauty work of skincare believers. You should combine the use of both of these products, adjusting to the needs of your skin to achieve the best results.


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